Do you want to fish for Brown Trout, Sea Trout or Arctic Char?

Fly fishing in Iceland sets the standards expected for professional and expertise fly fishing guides. Our guides all work hard, with patience and determination, to give our guests a productive and memorable day of fishing. Our most senior guide has more than   15 years of experience of Fly Fishing guiding in Iceland.

We provide day trips or longer salmon or trout trips for anglers. The best advice we can give to make a reservation is send us email and book your trip as soon as you know the exact date or dates you would like to fish. When inquiring please let us know the number of people in your party.

Fossá – trout beat unexpected journey to trout heaven.

Fossá river, the river of the waterfalls. (Foss in Icelandic means waterfall). The Fossa River offers 16 km of magnificent fly fishing water and incredible scenery while you are fishing. The trout beat offers you a new fishing challenge at every corner.
Fishing pressure has always been light as the river has never been offered to overseas anglers.
If you are keen to take spectacular photographs this is the river for you.

Facts about Fossa:
This is a catch and release river.
September is the prime month for the salmon. Trout can be caught all season.
Location: 120 km from Reykjavik.
Accommodation: No lodge. Plenty of accommodationis available just a short distance from the river.
Gear: Trout lines to 4 to 6 weight.

You may want to visit the second highest waterfall in Iceland which is in Fossa Haifoss rising to over 125 metres. Some great phptographs can be taken.

West Rangá river – trout beat NEW for 2016

West Rangá river is located south of Iceland is just over 1 hour drive from Reykjavik. The trout beat on the West Rangá river has over 30 km of trout water to explore and the fishing there is quite a challenging brown trout fishing.


This easily waded river has the classic riffle/run/pool characteristics that fishermen know and love and its upper beats wind their way through tight canyons that can allow for spotting and stalking trout from the heights above. Some large brown trout have been caught in the West Ranga as well as the 3 km of the Galtalaekur spring creek that is also part of the programme.
The river can accommodate up to eight fishermen per day. The new West Ranga river lodge is presently being built and will open for the 2015 season. While guests can stay at the lodge on the banks of the lower Ranga river, day trips to the water can be arranged for those staying at local hotels in the Hella area.

The West Ranga river has wild brown trout that live undisturbed in its clear water above the reaches of its large salmon population. These trout take small nymphs and dry flies that are thrown from the grassy banks in prime summer as well as streamers.

Not far from the town of Hella is the West Ranga river. The green rolling hills offer good grasslands for cattle and sheep to graze. The river flows through this peaceful countryside in which you will find terrific fishing.

The West Ranga Lodge is currently constructing a new lodge for guests. However, the Hotel Ranga is very close to the trout beats and is highly recommended for its fine accommodations. Both options will be perfect for guests needs.

The West Ranga is a mid-sized trout river that gradually gets smaller in its upper reaches. It is easily accessed and waded and the fishing does not begin far from your car door. A nearby spring creek is also offered.

Expect to search for your fish but they will usually be real specimens when you do catch them. Warm weather brings good nymph and dry fly fishing. There are some amazing pieces of water holding some huge wild brownies but it is all very attractive.

Galtalækur- cosy little stream with big trout

Galtalækur a tributary of West Ranga river. The stream is gin clear and very sensitive stream which produses some of Iceland biggest trout, up to 12 pounds. It is a catch and release river with only 2 rods , the stream runs 3 km and has 20 beautiful pools- perfect for day tour fishing from Reykjavik.

It´s great to combination Galtalækur with some og our rivers in the area, like Fossa and West Rangá trout beat.
It is a great river to fish with small and heavy nymphs.
If the weather is fine then dry fly fishing can be very effective.
Season: 1st April until 20th October.

More information coming soon.

Laxá river- the brown trout river in Iceland

As Iceland´s top producing trout river there are many many brown trout waiting to be caught in the Laxá River. Here you can experience some of the best trout fishing in the world. Laxá River offer an incredibly diverse fishing experience even offering technical fishing with dries flies.
Locals tend to use upstream nymphing and streamer fishing. Despite this, the Black Ghost, various Nobblers and typical common upstream nymphs such as Hare’s Ear and Pheasant’s Tail have also provided some exciting fishing.

Every year numerous 4-7 pound trout are caught, with the occasional 8-10 pound fish being caught.

Hólá river- char paradise next to Geyser

The Hólá River is considered to be an Arctic char river but there are quite a few big brown trout caught every year weighing up to nine pounds. The river is fed by Lake Laugarvatn located midway between the Gullfoss Waterfall and Thingvellir National Park. The Hólá River is ideal for upstream fishing with small nymphs and on a good sunny day dry fly fishing can be very effective. The average catch for a day’s fishing is 5-6 char.

Season: 1 st of April – 20th of September

Lake Thingvellir- home of the Monsters

Lake Thingvellir is the second biggest lake in Iceland and reaches 114m at it´s deepest point. The brown trout that live in Lake Thingvellir can reach an incredible size. Records show that it was not uncommon to catch 20-30 pound brown trout a few years ago. There was a setback to fishing when Steingrímsstod hydroelectic plant was bulit 1959 at the southern end of the lake which impacted on the brown trout population in the the lake. But the lake is starting to regain its reputation as the lake with “THE KING” trout now being caught quite regularly. The population of the trout has also increased steadily in the past few years, thanks to on going support from the Icelandic Government. Thingvellir is becoming known as the lake containing monster trout or trophy trout in Iceland. There is every chance that if you are fishing in this lake that you will catch the largest fish of your life. Brown trout up to 17.5 kg have been caught in the lake in the past few years and rumors exist that there are even bigger fish in the lake. Fishing in Lake Thingvellir last year was very good with a few fish around 15 kg caught and several bigger than 9 kg trout being caught as well. Many anglers won´t talk about their catch and where they have caught them but there are rumours of many huge trout that have been caught and then released recently.

Varmá river- river of the hot spring

Fly fishing in Varmá river is a fantastic experience. The river is one of Iceland´s best sea trout rivers where you can catch large salmon, colourful char and huge brown trout. The biggest trout caught in 2014 was 16 pounds.
The river is a relatively easy to fish with many great fishing spots. In the upper part you find fast streams, waterfall and big pools with slower water

The sea trout size range from 1 up to 16 pounds with the average size of about 4 pounds.

6 rods are available for this river and the season runs from 1st of April till 20th of October

Tungufljót river- the river with the biggest sea trout in Iceland

Tungufljót is one of Iceland´s premier sea trout rivers and produces sea trout similar size to Argentina, the river is an exclusive four rod river and flows south throught a pair of canyons so narrow that at piont you can almost jump across, before finally widerning into pools at Bjarnarfoss, below the the waterfall the river bed is mostly gravel, punctuated by the odd boulder making perfect lies for sea trout and salmon. Lower down the river widens into great fly water where you can fish both sides of the river. Tungufljót offers fantastic sea trout fishing and producing some of Iceland lagerst sea trout up to 20 pounds.

The river comes with a nice self catering lodge.
Prime time is early September to the end the season on the 20 of October.