Arnarvatnsheidi- hiking and fishing paradise

e08b869b-c839-4f56-b848-6ce40284859c_L1200Arnarvatnsheidi (brown trout and char fishing in Iceland)

The Arnarvatnshei is huge moorland with lakes, streams and rivers that provide fabulous trout fishing and is framed with a stunning panorama of mountain ranges and glaciers with the most notable one being the Eiríksjökull glacier.

Weighed nymphs are extremely popular in these lakes and streams and in recent years, when conditions allow, dry flies are often used by many anglers. 82e12f42-22e4-41b6-8a9f-32e0407325e9_L1200Some of the lakes are only accessible on foot or by modified 4WD. The lakes, rivers and streams are full of good size Arctic Char and brown trout.

If you are up to some walking you can be rewarded with good fishing and spots that very few get to fish. There are also many spots that have easy access as well.

The accommodation is very basic and consists mainly of huts which are comfortable with cooking facilities and kitchen appliances, sitting room, beds, WC and shower. The fishing huts vary in size and can accommodate 4, 7 or up to 15 people.

f19eb6c0-9ab2-4a40-be67-ef0043953d84_L1200Season: 20th of June – 30th of August