326966_219378161477623_216055894_oMountain lake fishing in Iceland

Mountain fishing in Iceland is probably one of the best hidden secrets of fly fishing in Iceland.
If you like magnificent scenery, stunning mountains and hard volcanic landforms then this is the place for you.
Here you can catch hard fighting Char and colourful Brown Trout in mountainous lakes or craters plus some mountain rivers as well. Here you fish with less pressurein the marvellous Icelandic hidden lakes and rivers.

The Highland fishing in Iceland for wild brown trout and Arctic char is probably one of the best kept secrets of fishing in Iceland. If you like magnificent scenery, stunning mountains and hard volcanic landforms then this is the place for you. You will enjoy catching hard fighting Arctic char and colourful brown trout in these marvellous Icelandic hidden lakes and mountainous areas. The fishing is mainly on floating line and using black flies but it’s good to have slow sinking line for the deep Lake Ljotipollur. A special selection of Icelandic trout flies can be provided if requested in advance.landmannalaugar1
This exciting fishing trip involves an adventurous 4×4 jeep tour through lava fields and over black lava sand, surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. You then pass by the famous and active Mount Hekla volcano which is believed to erupt soon according to longtime statistics (but no risks are taken). Many enthusiastic anglers, if keen bird watchers, are pleased to find and see a great number of bird species during the day. The fishing will be done in several lovely lakes that are like oases in the middle of lava fields. The lakes of Frostastadavatn, Ljotipollur, Lodmundar-vatn, Domadalsvatn and more all hold brown trout and arctic char with catch sizes of anything from 1 to 8 pounds. A short drive to Stefan og sebastian a thingvollumLandmannalaugar geothermal area for lunch is possible, to relax and bathe in the warm natural pond next to a lovely lava field.

Here are short descriptions of two of the many fantastic lakes in this wonderful and exciting trout fishing area:

Lake Frostastadavatn is mostly surrounded with lava fields and breathtakingly colourful mountains. Its area is 2.6 km and it lies at 572m above sea level. The road runs along its northern and eastern sides. It abounds in lak220557_113461312069309_2000034_oe char and often some brown trout are caught there as well. Enthusiastic anglers keen on bird watching are pleased to find a great number of bird species on the lakes.

Lake Ljotipollur occupies the southernmost crater of the long eruptive fissure, which was created during an enormous eruption in 1477. In spite of its name the crater is uniquely impressive and the surroundings stands no comparison to other such natural phenomena in the country. It’s deepest point is said to be 14m deep and the brown trout catch is so good that the anglers have had difficulties in carrying it up the steep and loose slopes of the crater.

Fishing huts that accommodate 5-6 people can be booked for fishing parties wanting to experience a long weekend or fish for a whole week picking a different lake each day.

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