ellidavatnEllidavatn is the most popular fishing lake around Reykjavik area. It covers 1,8 km² and it averge depth is only 1 m. The lake has two main tributaries, the rivers Bugða and Sudura. There is an excellent prospect for brown trout fishing, sea trout, sea char and even salmon. Trout has for a long time been the predominating species in the lake, however, sea trout is slowly taking over. Salmon and sea char enter the lake by the Hólmsá and the Elliðaár, even fairly large, or up to sex pounds.
The catch is consistent all season, but May seems to be the popular even if the catch is equally distributed between May, June and July. The best way of catching the sea char is very early or very late in the day.

Location: On the ouskirt of Reykjavik and the neighbouring town Kópavogur.
Season: May 1. – September 30.
Rods: 1-4
Notes: Voluntary catch & release