Gudmundur Atli Asgeirsson


Through web searches my friend found Gudmundur, aka Gummi, at and he struck gold and started our week of good fortune. Gummi lives and breathes fish and fishing. He knows his craft cold. But there is more to the man,much more. Gummi knows Iceland! Its’ history, geography, traditions, literature, all countless points of interest. He also knows all the best restaurants and there are many of them in Iceland. On a day too raw to fish, Gummi took us on a long and interesting tour that I will never forget. So both a fishing guide and tour guide is Gummi. I will go back to Iceland to discover more of that incredible island nation. I will definitely go back to Gummi.

Jon Haukur Danielsson

Travel Agent

Magnificent landscapes, stunning skies, and real adventure make Iceland one of the most coveted travel destinations in the world. The best way to enjoy Iceland is to come here: magnificent landscapes, stunning skies, and real adventure make Iceland one of the most coveted travel destinations in the world. Far more people visit Iceland than live here—a testament to its irresistible draw. In Iceland, you can experience some of the wildest terrain on the planet while enjoying the warmth and comfort of first-class travel. Our pristine nature and laid-back personality make a great combination. Plus, there are certain things you can only do in Iceland—like standing at the edge of Europe’s largest waterfall or watching the northern lights from a natural outdoor hot tub. Now that the secret’s out, savvy travelers are spreading the word: Iceland is the trip of a lifetime.

Eirikur Stefansson

Super Guide

Eiríkur Stefánsson ( Eiki) has well over 20 years of fly fishing experience. He is a true trout expert can find trout and char when no one else is having any success. Eiki was chosen as the ” Mr Fifth Grade” a long time ago. ( he´s gonna kill me for putting this here 🙂 . He is a father of 3 children and his father was our Fly fishing ´’GODFATHER’. It actually could cost you extra to have Eiki as your guide s he is not only good looking he iss also a great fly fisherman (joking of course). Eiki was several years in the Icelandic Rescue team called Hjálpasveitin so you are in very good hands with him.

Gardar Thor Magnusson

Super guide

Gardar Thor Magnússon. The Weather man as we call him and he´s the guy that can take care of everything. Gardar was with Eiki in Hjálparsveitin some years ago. Gardar is a man of many talents and many children (4). If you want to catch BIG trout then Gardar is your man. If the weather isn´t the best then you can blame gardar because he works for The Icelandic Meteorological Office